Tuesday, November 30, 2004

severe mentality problem

i'm sad cause people i love are sad. sheesh. i wanna cry. i don't have any problems. my own. people have problems. i wanna cry. isn't it funny? maybe, i never faced problems like them. i don't know their pain. but, why do i feel like crying? as if those problems are mine?

argh.. why do people i love get hurt so much? when i have a problem-free life? it's not fair. what's worse. there's nothing i can help to stop the pain or something. it's beyond my limits.

should you date your guy friend?


Take more time to figure out what's up with your guy friend — it's unclear whether he wants to stay just friends or if he wants more. If you're not ready to have an honest discussion about your relationship potential, flirt with him and see how he responds. Go out of your way to spend extra time with him and let him know you want him around — if he has feelings for you, it will make him more comfortable showing them. If he seems reluctant or turns down your attempts to get closer, you know you're meant to be friends.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. PAI! no worries. i don't have any feelings for you la k? just bored and tried a quiz. heh.. wanna try out or not? haha. no worries. i still <3 you ar bruder...

Monday, November 29, 2004

you gotta be

wee hee.. off i went to j. b with mummy just now. went to city square. went to b.u.m. bought a long-sleeved checkered shirt. fcuking nice. can match with the black skirt i bought yesterday. hehe. and i bought new shoes. girly shoes. pointy shoes. now i think it's kinda small for me. haha. but can la. if there's a will there's a way.

i wanna go out with pai. i wanna get that good charlotte shirt and the cd. and also embrace's cd. and also travis' singles. and dashboard confessional's cds. ooh and also, that volcom belt at flash & splash. what else do i actually want? haha. alot siah. still thinking about it. alot of stuff. gonna spend my money.

pai wants a new look. and i'm responsible for it. have some in mind. haha. anyway, PAI! the cost of the makeover is your MCR shirt, good charlotte shirt and good charlotte cd. you can throw in the belt too. hahahahahaha. or make life easier for you. GC cd for christmas. GC shirt for my birthday. hehe. can? tell me what you want for christmas, i'll get for you. easier. for your new look i pay. haha. if i can afford all la k? no promises. hehe. such a good friend i am. hehe.

can somebody please get me a rich jawa-hunk? make sure he's pretty too. can??

Sunday, November 28, 2004

the chronicles of life and death

BIG BIG HELLO to you out there. so fun! i've got a new blog! i love the layout!!!

today went to suntec. met cindy, hafizah, sabrinah, haziq and lay peng. went all the way to suntec because wanted to see dee dee!!!!!!!!!!! our beloved HILLARY instructor. obs had some some stuff there. last day today. what for wanna tell you people right? haha. after he knocked off from his shift, we went for lunch at burger king. he bought oranges. feed us like crazy. but, if was truly a heart-warming meeting with dee dee. hope to see him again very very soon. haha. miss him already.

after that, went to NGEE ANN CITY with cindy and hafizah. MINDS had a booth there. they were selling the crafts made by the people in MINDS. very nice. couldn't resist it and bought 3 photo frames!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha. this and that. helped out in the booth. cindy couldn't stop scratching. haha. then, lenny was slapping her bites. so funny.

then met my beloved pai. walked around heeren. haha. i saw JAY CHOU!! i'm no groupie. no biggie i see him. he was just few metres away. i saw a very clear view of him. haha. blah blah blah. went to far east plaza. went 2001 and saw a lot of band tees. the GOOD CHARLOTTE shirt nice like shit. then the MADE shirt. so nice. wanna get the good charlotte shirt soon. pai got a MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE shirt. nice like hell. haha. we had dinner at puncak. then went to TOSS. i got myself a new skirt!! a black one! nice!! i like. if not nice i buy for what right?? stupid siah. then went home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was a great day. showing of my orange colour basic polo shirt with an OUTWARD BOUND logo. i love showing off. and i showed of my belt buckle. haha. so nice. i love my OBS POLO!!!

wooo hooo....

i've got a new blog. i've got a new blog! yeay yeay.... how's the template? nice? hahahahahahaha... i feel so happy. yeay!! no more diaryland shit. but i still love diaryland. let all my memories fade.