Friday, July 29, 2005

you know i love you so

annual parade rehearsal was a killer.
nearly killed my legs. my knees. my lower back. my heels. my feet.
argghhh! waited for NPCC to finish their nonsense.
waited for faisal with ann, nathan and a few others.
crazy buggers. hahhahahaha.
went to kfc with faisal, then to the library to return my books.
visited popular for a while, then back home.



been reading through my past entries, the last few days ones especially.
sounds depressing enough to kill me.
haha. i'm relatively fine, thank you.
nyehh. i'm bored.
tomorrow got full-dress annual parade rehearsal.
form up at 17hrs. parade starts at 1730hrs. but i have to fall in at 1630hrs.
i finish school around 1300hrs. i have tuition at 14oohrs. end at 1600hrs.
yeahhhhh. rush back home. and back to school.

his birthday.
crapness. i <3 mr. gorgeous.

i don't want somebody from the past.
i want somebody from the present.
i'm having mixed feelings.
i know it's not right.
i don't wanna ruin what we have now.
but, all i ever wanted was YOU.
- Monday, February 14 , 2005 `9:46 PM

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


the trouble with love is
it can tear you up inside
make your heart believe a lie
it's stronger than your pride

the trouble with love is
it doesn't care how fast you fall
and you can't refuse the call
see, you got no say at all


Saturday, July 23, 2005




Wednesday, July 20, 2005


i'm back.
partly. hahaha.
the boat has sunk.
dead dead dead.
but, my boat is not the only one which sunk.
whatever whatever whatever.

oooh. racial harmony day tomorrow.
pictures, pictures, pictures!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


runaway, runaway.
i'm running away.

fcuk life.
fcuk the whole wide world.
fcuk you.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I breathe deep and cry out,
"Isn't something missing?
* Evanescence - Missing

something is just not right.
i feel funny.
i feel something burden-ing me.
kept thinking about the things i said to lynn just now.
ya, i guess that "i feel something missing, but i don't feel like it" line, actually hit me.
lynn knows what i'm talking about.
running away doens't help right?
remaining stagnant doesn't help either.

these words are getting hollow.

Friday, July 15, 2005

final countdown

boredom invades me.
today was malay listening comprehension day.
finally, through with o level malay language!!!!!!!
yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhoooooo! just waiting for the results.
*prays hard*

waited for an hour for the listening compre to start.
it was on RIA. of all radio station.
it was so irritating la the quiz on abang bo's radio show.
haha. then about 20 minutes before the paper starts.
they played flop poppy - atas nama cinta. i think that's the title.
then they played oag - akustatik. long time since i heard that song seh.
and right before the paper commenced. they played my chemical romance - helena.
bloody shocked la. practically woke up the whole class. first thing was to glance at fareehah. she gave me that look.
i was slightly head banging. rudy was practically head banging. hahaha.
my chemical romance has officially went mainstream.
haha. i never favoured them actually.
lastly, after the whole paper. they played 2d - seindah syurgawi.
was practically singing the song while shading my PMCAS.
saw yassir singing it too. hahaha. anyway.
cool. the couple. born on the same day. haha.

sat at mac. waited for mr. faisal. as usual.
crapped crapped crapped.
with fareehah, riduan and faisal.
me, far and rid talking about songs.
all different genre came out. from dangdut to whatever not.
haha. fun fun fun.
faisal sent me home, before he head for tuition.

haha. here i am.
TTFN. lovelove. ((:
p.s fareehah saw a baihakki look-a-like. wearing this uniforn. ugly-moss-like green pants and white shirt. WHAT SCHOOL AH?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

losing grip

went out with riduan and fareehah.
today's outing was partly productive, partly not.
the first part of it was somewhat productive.
till we went town, my heart and legs were breaking.
i freaking didn't get anything.
from heeren to far east to pacific plaza to wisma atria.
i am partly pissed.
far, was i looking pissed, just now?

still pissed.
freaking heart hurts.
i've got no comments .
i'm not planning to go out tomorrow, or next weekend.
i'm trying not to.
uhhhhhhhhhh. S U C K.


Monday, July 04, 2005

don't you wish

yesterday went to that johor trip.
kinda fun.
but really darn tiring.
went kota tinggi and stuff.
fruit farm. saw lotsa fruits. yumyum.

was heading back to gelang patah.
with the bus lights off, ain and me chatted.
catching up on the times we didn't spend with each other for weeks.
found out fardhan's MY age. haha.
farehahahahahahaha. fardhan's our age la dey!
and other things.
haha. i know you know public don't know.
her pc is suffering from a virus.
awww, too bad it's sad.

i seriously think mustaffa kamal is cute.
no, not your bestfriend mustaffa kamal, brother!
mustaffa kamal, the cute small kiddo.
faisal's classmate in madrasah. hahaha.
ooh. and i think another guy from madrasah is cute too.
yumyum. hahaha.
even ain agrees with me.

okay. so, i'm lost for words.
TTFN, you buggers!
ooooohhh... please tag. thank you!