Tuesday, January 31, 2006

relight my fire.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

light my fire

i'm bloated and i can't breathe properly.
i had adventures today.
but, it feels so out of place.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


what did i do in school today?
first 2 periods were maths.
HAHA. let's skip that part la, darlings.

after that had one period of break.
had mee soto!
okay la, not bad.

after break, had economics with selina wee.
didn't do the article thingy.
so, she asked those who didn't do, to do during that time.
haha. so we did.
i did. wrote rather crappy stuff. which i think might be sensible.
and the bell rang!
off me go to LT 3 for history with miss nora.

during history, we had to do some group work.
compare communism and democracy.
based on political, economical and social factors.
group consisted of muhaimin, fauziah, aini and me.
after that, had break again.
cause we end at 3 today.

i ate again.
i was bloooooody hungry.
had chicken chop chop chop.
while my other friends were busy doing the literature assignments.
which in the end madam za did not go through.

during literature, we presented our group work.
on tone, imagery and diction.
based on the two poems.

after literature, had gp.
today's topic was marriage.
very interesting indeed.
why a marriage fails, why marriage work.
then it boils down to. SEX.
haha. superbly funny.

so, nowadays.
life is all about school school school.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



lectures and tutorials have been good.
history lectures and tutorials have been good.
both miss nora's and mr lee's.
mr lee, takes a very long time to think.
we asked him which country practice theocracy, and he thought for nearly like 3 minutes then gave us the answer.
literature tutorials are wayyyyyyyyyy fun than lectures.
the lecture theatre is so packed everytime when there's a lecture.
but i only like literature tutorials with madam zarina.
i don't like that other woman.
whatever her name is, i don't care.
and tomorrow my class gonna have her tutorial.

today, i understood some stuff about economics.
because all this while, i couldn't understand a single thing.
anyway, i don't really favour mrs selina weeee.
i prefer mr pillai.
more laidback, but good.

today, had PE.
run up the slope, run down the slope.
up the steps, down the steps.
did stretching, push ups, sit ups, crunches.
whatever not.
tiring but actually fun uh.
we ended our session with star jumps.

my class is superbly awesome.
my class rep, hasyimah.
is one noisy woman.
haha. VERY sociable. really!
then go aishah, maria, farhana, fauziah, aini, simone, samantha, michelle, elizabeth.
bla bla bla.
then we got goshi, the jepun. really.
haha. then, got perry koh, the gigolo.
and with a home tutor, like mr lee jake hooi.
class chaotic laa.
mr lee is like super lembut laaa.
and i like the way he do his hand gestures in conjunction with "point of view"

today, took 985 instead of the usual 157 cause i woke up slightly late.
i boarded the bus, and i saw amos.
at least got friend la.
too walk in school and all.
then i happened to saw fadzil.
wanted to text him, but then he was sleeping.
so didn't wanna kacau him la.
he only saw me when alighting the bus.
funny la that guy.
yesterday, whole day from morning till school ended, messaged him.
and i only saw him when i was walking out from school.
today, talked more with him la.

haha. long entry i must say.
haven't been blogging.
don't feel like it and also tired.
haha. till next time.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


i have no idea what to blog about.

it's been cold cold cold.
today, i had maths.
and i didn't understand a single thing
so, i slept.
HAHAHA. yippie.

had economics for last period.
there were only 12 people in the class.
cause majority went to LT4.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

get this right

did i tell you that i had dinner at breeks on my brithday?
did i tell you about the cute guy, well, the waiter at breeks?
did i tell you that i saw him in school today?

okay, let's cut it.
that cute waiter at breeks is from maris stella high and he is in pre-u 1 @ MI.
same as me.
was shocked to see him just now during break.
i acutally went up to him and asked "are you working at breeks?"

so yes, the cute waiter from breeks is in pre-u 1 @ MI.
he's from maris stella high and his name is FELIX.

okay. SICKO.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

meant to live

i skipped religious class.
cause i seriously couldn't open my eyes.
slept in.
received alot of wishes.

woke up.
sister picked us up.
had lunch at cafe vienna.
haha. faisal had to picked me up caused my siblings asked him to come to cafe vienna.



enough said.
turning seventeen, made me different.
but then, my seventeenth birthday seemed empty without mummy and abah.

but then again, thanks kakak, fathin, abang, abang zuraimi and faisal for spending my birthday with me.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

say it isn't so

i went to the beach with lynn today.
though it was raining, then stopped then rained again.
haha. we did outrageously funny stuff.
i laughed till my tummy hurt.

faisal, lynn and azahar gave me an early birthday surprise.
azahar and faisal brought the cake all the way to palawan.
to surprise me.
and i seriously didn't expect anything.
of that sort happening.
the cake was superb.

went to play xbox after that.

pkay now it's already 8th of january.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


sorry for not updating.
dead lazy and tired.

mummy and abah left already.
i have to independently wake up for school every morning now.
school has been fabfabfab.
but tiring though.

tomorrow last day of funfunfun.
next week will be studystudystudy.

guess what i said to amos(clanmate from sji) just now?

i don't know how to play pool and i refuse to learn how to play pool.

made friends. a bunch.
funky ahh.
first day already went lunch with them.
and if we forget our new friends name.
we just call them by their school name.

llalala. i'm bored.
i love today. (:

Monday, January 02, 2006

time has come

one more day to school.
i dunno whether i'm yippie-ing because tomorrow is start of school.
or yippie-ing for another reason.

i'm seriously in a goodgoodgoodgood, fabfabfabfab mood today.
tomorrow is the big 1 0.

please please please make it happen.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


i had a plan up my sleeve.
it was suppose to be a surprise.
but BLEAH.
now, it wouldn't sound like a surprise anymore.

SHEESH. i'm not good at this.
so not good.