Saturday, January 29, 2005

the next vogue thing

started my day with tution. 2 hours of utter silence. didn't ask any questions. just doing my work. haha.

boredom. had no plans to go out. cause no one wanna go out with me. till faisal saved the day. went towning with him.

ironed my top. but, ended up wearing another top. without ironing it. haha. stole some loreal's gel-o water from brother's room. haha. cool.

walking around. went hmv. browsed through cd's after cd's. listened to the used. nice. i wanna get it. saw sixpence none the richer greatest hits. and robbie williams too. hmmm. what else. nothing much. discovered some bands. they look kinda good. bla bla. the slippers for guys at flash & splash are simply gorgeous. must tell brother. haha. (ooh. brother bought this brown leather/pvc i dunno quiksilver bag. and it's fugly nice.) saw my paternal cousin, nurul. no no. not the one in the photo. another one. haha. she's pretty i must say. she changed. the guy she was out with is cute. haha. but, i guess. he must be younger than me. sheesh.

went cineleisure. walked around. checked out the price of the bag i wanted. crap. it's blardy nice. i need it. somebody get it for me! it's not too late for a birthday present. haha. then went kfc to eat. bla bla bla.

went back hmw to get faisal's cd casing replaced. caused it was not in good condition. then went back. while waiting for train, took photos after photos after photos. finally, we took a blardy nice photo together. go check my friendster out to see it ah k.

NOTE : to those who owe me cash, please return my money ASAP. sorry. i'm just in need of cash. your cooperation is much needed. thank you. (:

Friday, January 28, 2005

walk a lonely road

haha. currently in the computer lab right now for english period. haha. all work done. time to surfffffffffff!! this is what we do la. sitting in the same row as sharifah and fareehah. and sharifah waiting for the friendster page to load. haha. current crazed is the class blog. haha. later i link it ah k?
bored you know. whole week. english period in computer lab. haha. having malay period later. but, i'm not done with my malay essays. hahahaha. crap seh! got mind block siah. 4 topics to write. 300 words each. how horrible!
i'm totally bored right now. like totally! haha. bored!!!! ok la, i go off now. really bored and dunno what to type. haha. i shall update later. about dunno what ah. haha. byesssss...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


feast your eyes. i'm plain bored.

me and fathin. in the car and all smiles.

noh alam shah and baihakki in shades. posing for the cam. <3

see the butterfly on my ear?

lynn, nurul & me. lovely us.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

you make me wanna lala

doesn't mean you guys are in the school soccer team, you guys are the most ELIGIBLE HUNKS in the whole school.
ambik kau obat. mentang-mentang school soccer player. eligible sangat la tu. kalau eligible pun, kepale otak lum qualify la moron. pegi betulkan dulu ah. tak ya nak point-point. ah ah. klau guy and girl walk together, mataye ah tu! klau dia mataye aku pun, korg asal? jealous pe? kau. big fuck sial korg. narrow minded, sick bloody buggers. even if i jump from one guy to one guy, my bloody business. why you guys care? eh, maaf nye. ape korg kesah klau aku gi dari satu laki to another. merepek sial. takde keje? ape muke kau handsome sangat pe? lek sua la. good in soccer tapi kepale otak tak educated. bodoh pe. gi skolah, blaja. bukan buat bising. dengan hentak2 meja. pekik2. dikir barat shit. crap la people. korg yg cakap "hidup mati melayu" padahal korg yg jahanamkan name baik melayu. eh, korg da uat self-reflection ke blum? huh? mentang2 bnyk pompuan suke korg. especially yang minah2 tu, nak act terror ah. besar sangat. heran tak heran. merepek seh. GROW UP LA PEOPLE! klau korg cam gini dan jahanamkan name baik melayu, bila melayu nak maju? bile korg da mampos pe...

well, the cursing sounds nicer in malay. and the people mentioned above only understands one language and can only think with their brains in one way. that is, even if they have a brain la. crap. so pissed. uh whatever. i love my beloved emo BFF, faisal. thanks for the papers, darling. haha. and also for leaving my newspapers in popular. haha. who condemns my bestfriend, condemns me. whack my bestfriend, make sure you whack me first.

lalalala. i wanna go ngee ann's open house!!!!!!!! mother say go lunch on that day. crap seh. already today, pang seh samantha. never go nyp open house. sunday wanna goout with ain and they all also cannot cause got that bloody gathering. come, eat and go ah. crap. i wanna go off ah. long time never blog. dunno what to type.
P.S my album on tiger cup haven't finish uploading so just bear with it. alot of pictures. haha. baihakki khaizan ah. (: and jafar nearly got his jersey. and got to see him in thights. how lucky. urgh.

Monday, January 17, 2005


i was there...

with the boys. (:

Thursday, January 13, 2005

my insecurities

there's only 2 people in school i really love from the bottom of my heart. my BFF and my GFF.

me and GFF. (:

me and BFF. (:

i <3 faisal and fareehah.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

old times

yesterday was fine. (:
met insan. hehe. (:
had lunch at burger king. and movie.
meet the fockers. hahaha.
nice. but then again.
had to leave to rush for dinner. oops.
sorry dear.
ok, we are not together. we're just on good terms.

i dunno what else to blog. haha.
pai says i'm giler. fine.
but i still want my shoe. bluek*

Saturday, January 08, 2005


it's the eight of january twenty-o-five.
i'm officially 16!!!!!!!!! haha.
going out for lunch and movie.
suppose to go with my bff, dear mr. faisal.
but then, he's just so sweet.
and asked me to go out with mr. ex-boyfriend.
haha. it's ok. i'm on very good terms with the ex-boyfriend.
so, yeah! haha. it's been awhile since we saw each other. other than school.
lalala. after that, going for dinner with the familyyy. (:
yea yea. thanks for everyone who remembered. haha. to those who didn't. it's ok lor.
no hard feelings. i also don't mine. (:

Thursday, January 06, 2005


happy birthday.
i'm sorry i ruined it.
why did i have to send the message right at the stroke of midnight?
i'm sorry i did that to you.
this wasn't the birthday message i planned to send.
this was totally wrong.
i wanted you to know that i very much still care for you, and how much i miss you.
i did tell you that, but in a wrong way.
i can't stop crying.
you don't know how bad i feel.
i didn't want you to spend your birthday like this.
i wanted US to be forgotten.
all those bad memories.
on how much i hurt you.
it hurts even more now.

i'm sorry, insan. i'm really.
hurt me back. at the stroke of midnight. on my birthday.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

here i go

3rd day of school. yup. i can feel the tension already. since the first day. every teacher keep saying we are the last batch of braddell-westlake students to do o level's. ahhh.. don't make a fool out of yourself when you collect your results later in guangyang. haiz. stress seh. as you can see, i did my target setting already. i really need to get those grades. work hard work hard.

so simply, school's been stressful and chaotic. notes after notes after notes. need to do alot of catching up especially in acounts and maths. if i were to get a passing grade for these 2 subjects, i'll be very contented already. but then again, i just don't wanna get a passing grade. i wanna score for these 2 subjects. and also the subjects. hoping that i get A's for both languages. lalalala.

fareehah got me addicted to matchbook romance - tiger lily. had iryani to send me the song. and other songs from matchbook. thanks love. haha. thank weiny for yellowcard - only one. lovelove. later days. i dunno what else to blog.

here i go.. scream my lungs. trying to get to you. you are my only one. (:

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Dear Mrs Catherine Seah,

I would like to suggest that you split the recess into 2. 2 campuses have become one. you should see the chaos during recess. long Q's. some people didn't even get to eat. especially those lining up in the malay stall. why is it that there's 3 drinks stall? Don't the 2 original stalls that was operating in campus 2 supply enough drinks for the students? I would like to recommend that we have 2 stalls that sell halal food.

I would like to appel for PROM NIGHT. I heard that there won't be any prom night this year but instead the school will be having a great farewell dinner. It won't be as memorable graduating with the whole school rather than graduating with the graduating classes. Don't you think that having only 1 year of prom rather pathetic? Do you know that my friends and I are looking forward for the prom since last year? This is unfair. UNFAIR.

That's all for now. Have a wondeful year ahead. (:

Yours sincerely,

Sunday, January 02, 2005

don't they have like an icon for that?

school is back. haiz. i just hope i don't suffer in school la eh. hope it'll be another good year. with a nice form teacher. *crossing everything. hoping that miss wong is gonna be our form teacher yet again*. usually miss jasmine takes 4e3 as form class. but then, due to maternity issues. she's due soon. haha. just hope it's miss wong that will take us. and not some fcuked up teacher.

hoping that i get a nice english teacher since miss jasmine won't be around. a good principles of accounts teacher. miss koh, hopefully. and miss wong still as maths teacher. there's a very high chance that the chemistry teacher will stay. what luck! sheesh. haha.

just hoping that 4e3 '05 gonna rawk the school. heard there'll be a newcomer in class. just hope that the spirit is still there uh. haha. i love 4e3 '05. haha. (:

watched the soccer match. singapore versus myanmar. haha. so brutal sial. myanmar any how. then the singapore players all retaliate. this is more than just a soccer match. haha. baihakki khaizan is like oh so cute! like oh my gawd! haha. he's like towering over everybody. oh man. he's cute. yummy yummy. haha.

i shall start packing. and stuff. haha. dig for stuff. yea yea. i'm one unorganised kiddo. am i still a kid? YES I AM! at least i know my prefects' tie is. and where all my books are tucked. in bags. haha. ciou!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

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it's been awhile

2005 is here. goodbye 2004. no big bang last night. was watching One Fine Day. then Taufik's I Dream come on. kinda crappy ah the music video. but, well. it's fine. bla bla bla. continued watching One Fine Day till the end. after that, watched Interview With A Vampire. fell asleep when the show was about to finish. sheesh. i was waiting for the ending. it's gruesome movie. but, yeah.

it's the first day of the year and of the month. oh shut up.

haha. this new year feels like every other day. no difference. haha. i'm bored. school re-open on monday. crappy crappy. hope it'll be a good year. i have 2 new year resolutions, that i must really really stick to.

  1. Pray 5 times a day. Don't miss any prayers.
  2. Focus on my studies. Do as much as I can.

i miss Faisal, Lynn and Ain. the 3 most important people in my entire. these 3 are those who are responsible of who I am now. either good or bad. hahahahahaha.