Thursday, June 30, 2005

my love, my life

currently listening to fly - hillary duff.
haha. and still very much going ga-ga over THE baihakki khaizan.
yummy yummyyyyyyyyyyy!
all i can think about is him now.
hahaha. psychotic. NOT!

went to the library just now.
god knows when was the last time i stepped into a library. other than school.
borrowed 3 books.
used both of my cards because fareehah and samantha tumpang sekaki.
samantha is nuts. dunno how many books she wanna borrow.
haha. but i know samantha can finish it by the due date.
i have faith in her.
fareehah borrowed a malay book.
hahahhahahahahhah. i feel like laughing.
hypocrite, you!

okay. TTFN.
signing out with don't cha - the pussycat dolls feat. busta rhymes.
ooh. and a picture of the love of my life. <3 *pukes

Friday, June 24, 2005

love and death

was watching tuesdays with morrie on hallmark.
heart warming and mind blowing.
gotta get the book. to understand it better.
been wanting to get it for quite sometime.
and i really need a new book to read.
since i lost my dear 'Tis.
which i didn't get to finish when it decided to run away.

snacking on bite-sized pieces of tahu goreng.
yum yum.

see ya when i see ya. ((:

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

chapter one

i'm so freaking bored la.
i'm so freaking jealous of faisal.
cause he went to the beach with his friends yesterday.
i wanna go. badly.
before school starts.
so, i'll be hitam as ever when i come back to school.

last week of the holidays.
i am not making full use of it.
i still have homework left untouched.
like seriously.
i'm dead.

i'm just currently waiting for my bill to come.
it's taking forever.
okay. i'm so really bored that i dunno what to blog about.
and i dunno what is freaking wrong with the tag board.
it's so freaking not working.

TTFN. ((:

Saturday, June 18, 2005

love suicide

hello one and all.
how have all of you suckers been doing?
i've been fine, being a sucker myself.
nothing much happened today.
woke up, bathed, breakfast, swept the floor, lunch, tv, slacked, internet.
yupp. and it's 5.11 pm already.

last night, had a good chat with faisal on the phone.
haha. was it like 5 hours? from 12plus to 5 plus?
we started talking crap. and lots of crap.
then, suddenly was talking bout this certain issue.
then, it brought back the past.
the ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.
how he put me after one of his then-girlf.
whatever shit that happened between me and my then-boyf.
whom i don't give a shit anymore.
who stole my song for faisal.
yellowcard's only one, which i used to sing to faisal when i'm bored when were just bestfrs. hahaha.
haha. we talked about strawberries and chocolates. *inside joke.

and yes beee. i know i still owe you your blardy strawberries dipped in chocolate. haha.
your birthday is like in one month plus. just wait. if i have the time to do it for you. haha.
i can't wait for you to turn 16, so we can watch a blardy nc-16 movie together, legally. haha.

the phone conversation lasted a very long time.
we talked about literally, the past, present and the future.
haha. good times. commitments. haha.
haha. and i love telling faisal off when he starts talking like a girl on the phone.
makes me wonder whether he's sleepy, sad or whatever not. haha. (:

btw. ex-boyf, if you happen to come across this entry. buzz off!
don't give me anymore of that shit about you still loving me.
and you loving me is your only strength. you sound psychotic.
and fyi. if you really do what you call it "love" me, you wouldn't be smoking your arse off.
yes, i love being the bitch who ruins your life.
take note.

TTFN lovelies. ((:

Monday, June 13, 2005

swallow me and spit me out

i'm backk!!
i'm bored.
thanks iry for the beautiful layout.
thanks my darling faisal for doing my links for me.
eventhough i refused to find the acoustic version of hotel california for him.
i'm scared of that song okay!

today had SANA course at guides HQ.
supposedly to end at 5. but we ended much earlier.
it was so hotttttttt.
practically sweating my arse out just now.
just sitting down.
SANA course is a waste of time!
tomorrow supposedly to have my FN practical but have to go for course.

i was over at lynn's place for the weekend.
it was life.
sleeping at 2.
waking up at 10 plus.
just rolling around refuse to wake up.
finally got up. brushed teeth. had breakfast.
still in our night gowns. unbathed.
till 3 plusplus 4.
life man! life!!!

okay. gotta go.
so dead bored.
will try to get an early night.
tomorrow meeting sam for breakfast.
have to be at HQ early cause i'm in-charge of attendance tomorrow.
okay. chiou!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


quick update.
pc crashed.
resting in peace.
at lynn's house now.

okay bye.
i love my layout sakk.
THANKS IRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

white breasts

sentosa with lynn, dyla and juliana.
gerek-ness and hot-ness.
went tanjong beach cause dyla and juli were there already.
juli wanted to tan.
but lynn and me didn't wanna.
we kinda got bored.
took photos and stuff. hahahahaha.
decided go palawan.
and off we went.

dipped in the water. swim swim swim.
lazy wanna type everything.

went town fro dinner.
on the way there, saw my brother.
haha. was just talking about him with lynn.
about the ahmad mustafa & mustaffa kamal thing.
haha. and both of them were at town just now!

went for dinner. yada yada yada.
then head back home.
so here i am.