Friday, December 31, 2004

strenght of a woman

hey ho. it's been days since i last blogged. one word. LAZY. hahaha. life has been life. haha. gotta meet dee2 and hillary minus 3. quddus, shahril and ivan wasn't there. yeah.

i woke up like around 11. supposedly to meet them all at 11.30. haha. i got the train at 11.30. and i reached little india station around 12. thank god i wasn't alone. dee2 and teck kiat was there to. then, cindy came to pick us up. waited for wen hao to come. then off we went to the vegetarian restaurant. nice nice. nice food. and value for money. only $6.90 +++. haha. nice la. then, everybody headed to town. and all. haha. me, fizah and sabrinah met dya and ifah. at somerset. the rest dropped at orchard.

bla bla bla. took pictures and all. haha. wasn't as kecoh as always. haha. then i forgot where we went. oh ya, went far east. walked around. sales everywhere. but, the money just isn't there. haha. crap seh. saw this nice red skirt. i hope it's still there next month. feel like buying it. haha. red skirt ya know. bla bla. went in to collage and saw this nice jacket. haha. me, ifah and sab were like going crazy over it. we hadn't had enough money. so we asked the "abang" to keep it for us. hahaha. so funny. he very the friendly ah. the jacket was $45 each. but we bargained and got it $40 each. hahaha. so, we deposited some cash into it. adn will be collecting it next month. or soemthing. yahoo! haha. bla bla bla. went to trim my hair. and now i have short fringe. sheesh. i don't know. i some what hate it. hahahaha.

yes, i'm having cramps. cramps. what a nice way to celebrate the new year. well, i don't believe in celebrating it with a big bang with booze and all. it's a good move they won't be showing the nation countdown on tv. hello! people in other parts of the world are mourning over the killer waves. the tsunami and the quakes. for other countries, they even like BANNED the celebration and made today mourning day. i'll be staying home for the new year. hahaha. must catch Taufik Batisah's I Dream music video at the stroke of midnight. hahaha. nice way to start the new year. with you favourite idol crooning to the most inspiring song. hahaha.

yes, i'm crapping. and it's cold. i have cramps. crapping, cold, cramps. hahahaha. i'm bored, kill me. ain't i've yet yo finish up my maths. hahahahaha.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

it's gonna be okay

today. at 11. father said goodbye as he left for work saying there's nasi lemak in the kitchen and it's 11 and i better wake up. i said yeah. well, before that i was falling in and out of sleep. everytime i wake up, i replied insan's message. than falls asleep agains. haha. crap. finally, decided to wake up at around 12. and took my own sweet time to bathe.

after bathing, ate the nasi lemak father bought. while watching HBO. it was showing Head Of State starring chris rock and bernie mac. it was cool. haha. bla bla bla. i turned on the washing machine. while watching tv, brother woke up and said good morning. TAKE NOTE. it was already 1 plus in the afternoon. hahaha. bla bla bla.

i met sabrinah at 4.30 at bishan. walked around. look at the sales and all. post christmas sales. wow! fantastico. it's sad that i'm dry on cash this month. ahhhhh... ok. then raudiyah came along. met her. bla bla bla. got for sharifah something. yea yea. then walked. then i finally got my black ball earrings. yeah, it's wonderful! after that, my sister picked me up and we went off to simei.

bla bla bla. ate there and all saw this nice skirt at this fashion. freaking $17. wanted my sister to get it for me first. but, then. nevermind la. hahaha. it's ok. i guess i go for skirt hunting soon. when i have the money.

well, i'm basically bored right now. yes, crappy crappy crapp. bla bla bla. there's nobody in msn that i can talk to. haha. well, i don't feel like talking to anybody unless it's jazzylla, khalis, lynn or faisal. haha. sad. i better go now. haha. i'll be in bed in awhile. reading Angela's Ashes. and off to bed i go.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

publish post

hello people. merry xmas everyone. hahahaha. as for today. i dunno la what to say about today.

had an early morning. had breakfast at burger king. it's been awhile. came home bla bla bla. had tuition from 11.30 to 3.30. haha. yeah. four hours. well, at least i did some work. i feel good. then bla bla bla. went out and met natasha for dinner. waited for her to knock off from work. waited like about 1/2 an hour or so. sheesh. haha. bla bla bla. i finally bought the s&k pants. woo hooo!!!! hahaha.

i've got nothing else to say. haha. tomorrow's another day. yea yea. oh no! i defeated the whole purpose of today! suppose to go find presents for lynn and faisal. haha. nevermind. somebody. i dunno what to buy for them ah. hahaha. bye bye!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

love is the slowest form of suicide.

it's true.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

adam brody. *drools*

yes, yes. i do!!! haha.

Monday, December 20, 2004


hey ho. yesterday was great + boring = i do not know how to describe it. met faisal, aik zhi and jian you at the bus stop opposite my house. set off. took a long ride in bus 13. well, we were going east coast by the way. uhhuh. it was a very long bus ride. i was getting a little too impatient.

you know what, i'm lazy to blog about yesterday. hahahahahaha. well, anyway let me just end it off with. me, faisal, pearlene and jian you took 13 back home. that's all. what about aik zhi? haiz. forget it i'm not gonna say. some people are just so inconsiderate. sheesh.

well, for today. i woke up at 1. hahahahaha. lazy wanted to wake up actually. i really have nothing to blog about, don't i? i want money. sheesh. but, i should stop spending. then you people buy for me the things i want la. haha. ok crap.

thanks pearlene dear! for the gifts. really nice nice. lovelove you so much! (:

Saturday, December 18, 2004

underneath it all

yea yea. haha. i've been dead lazy to update. haha. well, let's see.

yesterday was a friday. so went to my grandad's house. lynn came too. yea yea. then i got freaked by her. and she herself also. haha. ok, i shouldn't talk about this. haha. lynn was craving for double chocolate chip muffin. so, i accompanied her to junction 8. haha. then we walked around junction 8. saw some nice stuff.

hah. today met her again at junction 8. she bought purple pants. godammit nice pants. cheap also. haha. and also this skirt. i don't mind la. i got my purple skirt already the other time. haha. nice nice. purple is a nice colour. then we went to watch the incredibles! haha. finally. nice nice show.

hmm.. now i dunno what to say. blah blah blah. i need cash. but i have to stop spending. oh godammit. hahaha. somebody please? for christmas. for my birthday that's coming real soon? sheesh. ah! i'm turning 16 soon. no no no! i'll shall update my wishlist. so please. anybody getting me any gifts, it's there.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


hallo!*mimicking khalis* haha. i'm drained. my legs hurt. well, my feet hurt. mission to be girly unsuccessful. sheesh.

went out with khalis, azahar, fadhli and farhan. suppose to be just khalis but this people all four one, one for all. so what to do. wait for them to finish their game of pool. due to the fact that i'm still under 16, i had to wait for them outside. 1 looooooooooooooooooooong hour. haha. bla bla. then we went for lunch. finally satisfy my craving for fishball noodle dry. but, it wasn't good la. the noodle itself like nothing. nevermind. some other day.

after that walked to plaza singapura. bla bla bla. walked around. i bought myself something. finally. haha. then went kfc. eat fries. eat and eat. crapped and joked. fad wanted that girl's number and all. haha. it was like bloody funny. after crapping and all. went to take a bus to esplanade. slacked there. looked at all the tourists. haha. the japanese tourists. so funny. haha. posing one kind. put out the hand like as if he's holding on to the Merlion. so crappy. haha. joked and crapped yet again. bla bla. then we went home. az and farhan took bus while me, kaz and fad took train.

i wanna buy shoe i wanna buy shoe i wanna buy shoe!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

this is called laziness

i'm dead lazy to update. some random pictures. hehe.

looking out the window, "hey! that ang moh guy on the bridge is cute!"

who ever are we sms-ing?

me & lynn. and LOVE.

poseurs. haha.

big head me and funny face martin in the car.

is that enough? (:

Friday, December 10, 2004


i'm back from snow city! haha. it was a cool, cold experience. tested my endurance. was worth it.

the activities were little but the experience was great. first highlight of the camp was the skiing and snowboarding. pearlene and me got to do skiing while sammie and carmen went to do snowboarding. skiing was fun. like bloody fun. keep moving up and up. waiting to come down. once you're going down, the feeling is wonderful. it was great. my toes, hands and mouth were freezing to the very best. haha. crap.

it was time to sleep. lights off 1.30 am. wah, first time in my life of attending camps that lights off was so late. guess where we slept? in the SNOW CHAMBER. the freezing cold, -7 degrees centigrade snow chamber. me and sammie in the same tent. both of us all curled up in the sleeping bag with our toes freezing like there's no tomorrow. we covered our legs with our jackets. haha. i think i fell asleep like for awhile went nature called. time for a toilet break. actually i didn't wanna go out at all but i don't wanna be in my sleeping bag right. that is so unglam. i went to toilet with pei rong. the girl from zhonghua. she was freezing cold. the last time she was in snow city. she fainted. so must take care of her. came back. blah blah. after awhile pei rong wanted to go out again so sam accompanied her. leaving me in the tent al along. by the way, the rest of the members all gone outside already. so, when sam came back. only 2 of us in the tent. haha. we just curled up in our sleeping bag. as deep as possible. we finally like really slept at 4 plus. they woke us up through the PA system."ATTENTION all girl guides. ATTENTION all girl guides. RISE and SHINE!" bloody irritating siah.

nice siah. then washed up all that. debrief. then went home. the 4 of us went to macdonalds for breakfast first. haha. then went back home. so bored and tired. and sleepy. haha.

lynn's birthday is tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

to the beach i go!

hello my darlings. hehe. it was a fun filled day. went to sentosa with natashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. haha. suppose to go towning but we changed plan. haha. it was fun.

we dropped at palawan(?) beach. bought some drinks. went to the tower. at the island if the southermost point of asia. whatever crapped. then, we exchanged alot of stories. life stories. haha. about other people. ex boyfriends, ex schoolmates. and all. it was nice. sitting at the top of the tower in the cool breeze. then, we went down. sat at the shore. it started to rain. and we seeked shelter. sheesh. what a nice day. haha.

blah blah. lazy wanna story. we went to tanjung beach. so peaceful. haha. nice. saw this fish swimming. haha. so cute. just wanted to grab it but it was too fast. bring it home or something. haha. and for the first time in my life, i saw skimmers skimming. haha. ok, la. they seemed cute with their boards running for the wave. haha.

blah blah blah. went back palawan. on the way, saw this cute guy. with his skim board. and his orange t-shirt. i just love guys in orange. haha. i was walking minding my own business. then he asked, "ade number?". it was actually a joke. haha. i just smiled at him. i had the urge to give him my number. but, i'm not those type he likes giving my number to strangers. and i hate guys who say, "boleh kenal-kenal?" hate it hate it. well, i guess me and him. it just wasn't meant to be. hahahaha. as if!

then we sat near some skimmers. they looked cute with their skim boards looking out for waves. one was cute. haha. ok, i'm nuts. haha. blah blah. me and nat went to wash up. set off. we walked. and those skim boys were setting off. 2 walked beside me. haha. and we saw them again at the departure place.

i guess that's for today. i know i didn't blog yesterday but me and faisal had our own little amazing race. haha. tired. the hunt for bus 77. haha. saw lynn finally. she's cute. hahaha.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


i'm in a super duper great mood right now. going towning this wednesday. with my beloved natashaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. haha. my childhood friend. i guess i've known her all my 15 years of living. gosh, it's been a long time since i saw her. let's see if she's changed. i hope she doesn't turns minah. because it'll be a turn off. me walking with a minah? hmmm...

i guess i'll go find for my beloved darling cousin, lynn, her birthday present. and also her christmas present. sheesh. she's too much. haha. NOTE : lynn, if i drop buy your workplace, make sure give me free drinks ok? haha. i guess i get some idea of what to buy that woman. she told me what she wanted. one whole long list of it. haha. it's ok. i already told her what i wanted also anyway. no biggie. hehe.

camp. 2 days 1 night. at snow city. simply wonderful. haha. will be staying over on thursday night. so, i'll be back on friday then. me, sammie-mantha, pearlene and carmen zhuzhu going. we gonna meet other guides from other schools. i hope i can blend in. the problem of being anti-social. hehe.

saturday meeting up with HILLARY and COUSTEAU! woo hoo! how much i miss cousteau. it has been only 1 week plus since we parted. but, i miss them so. most probably will be watching movie. either polar express or without a paddle. heh. so fun. i miss those tampines sec people so much. miss gossiping with them. especially with farhanah. haha. and the other one. oh gawd, i forgot her name!!! haiz.. nevermind nevermind.

going off now. i'm bored. nobody to talk to on msn. mr fauzie. he's not online. stupid. everytime talk, irritate and complain to him on how bored i am. must find something else to do. haha.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


what a day. kak zai came today. we used to be neighbours. she lived on the 9th floor. she came in. she hugged my mum. reunited. after so long. it's been quite sometime since she came to our house. so sad. yeah, i loved her. she was like a mum to me. i used to remember the times when i went to her house to play with her children. haha. i was still very small myself at that time.

her children. wonderfully adorable. especially the youngest, atirah. still in kindergarden. she never knew me because they have already moved out by the time she was born. zaireel. still the same. but all grown up. my big brother. grew up with him. knew him since i was a small girl. maybe a baby. we went to the same kindergarden. hehe. atiqah or as what i call her, iqah, getting prettier. love her smile. so chubby. she's kinda big la eh. the last time i saw her, she was dressed like a minah. the horror. haha. and just now i heard her saying a very minah word. haha. what has gotten into my dear little sister. haha.

well, ok. enough of all that. i simply miss them alot. sad. after so long, then see them. haha. but, i really love them to bits. they were there when i was just a baby. considered they are family. well, they are. haha. ok whatever.

wanna go watch incredibles. anyone care to join? i feel like going to the beach too. heh. anyone care to join me? and off i go. ohh people, please tag!

Friday, December 03, 2004


I'M BORED!! with a capital B. O. R. E. D. !!!!

currently chatting with mr fauzie. yes, pao. cute guy. funny. i used to have a huge crush on him. he's like 17, but look like somewhere in upper primary or around lower secondary. he sleeps like a baby. so. haha. cute. ok cut the crap girl.

i'm blogging cause i'm bored. hahahahahahahahaha. i hate my ex-boyfriend more now due to the fact that he's a heavy smoker now! and he is the one who used to dissed smokers. what crap!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i dream


ooh.. one goddamn cute hottie. they way he says "taufik sayang mak.." *melts* never did i regret wasting $5 of my parents' money on my votes. 10 whole votes. haha. i feel so proud of myself. i love the song I DREAM. i fcuken sure i'm gonna get the idols' cd once it's out.

i dream. i <3 taufik, my singapore idol.


if we were not meant to be bestfriends, why did we meet?